Our Wednesday evening meetings are spread among several “venues,” with the Master Club children’s program in the fellowship hall and Sunday school wing, the youth ministry meeting upstairs, the discipleship ministry, the nursery care, and then those of us not involved in those other areas meeting in the sanctuary for services.

I am beginning a topical series in our part of the Wednesday services in the sanctuary. Though I will be at Heartland Baptist Bible College this Wednesday and Brother Si Rangel will be preaching in my place, I will be picking up with the first of our subjects the following Wednesday, Jan 18th. This will be the second part of a message I began last week on the subject of Pride and Humility. The 18th is our annual administration meeting, so my message will be abbreviated, and continued the following Wednesday.

Some of the other subjects we will be dealing with will be the Christian’s response to current issues such as- abortion, civil liberties, vices and the law, single parenthood, divorce, and family issues. I will also be covering areas such as- changing cultural values, morals, accepted practices, alcoholic drink, drugs, sexual identities, etc.

We will look at Israel’s role in the world and the believer’s attitude toward Israel. We’ll be examining the current place of Islam, its core beliefs and our responses.

Our Christian Heritage and our part in government, education, our personal responsibilities, limitations, immigration, national sovereignty, role in the U.N. etc. will also be among the subjects we will be involved with in this series.

There will be messages on areas of Bio-ethics, i.e. cloning, genetics, cryogenics, euthanasia, organ donation etc.

Broader questions that are current will also be part of our series. Subjects such as- How could a good God let people go to Hell? Why does God allow evil and suffering? How can people be happy in Heaven if they know of those who are in Hell? Why are there some many different religions in the world? Does God still give revelations to some people and show them things in dreams? What about people who say they have seen Heaven, or Hell? How can we know that the Bible is true?

Of course, from these many subjects, spring other questions, so I trust that these will be a help to all who attend with us through this 2017 year in our Wednesday Evening Topical Series.