The five church planters we have supported through our Missions giving in 2016 have all begun to support Missionaries themselves! One might ask, “If they are still needing support themselves, why are they taking on missionaries to support?”

It is because of the principle of sowing and reaping that is taught in the Bible. It not only applies on a personal level to each one of us as individual Christians, but it applies to churches as well. Even baby churches need to give to missions. Even if the church begins with just one tither, that being the pastor and his family, that pastor is also going to be a giver to missions.

As other new Christians in the church learn that the tithe is the Lord’s, they begin to tithe, and then they are taught the responsibility and blessing of giving to missions. So, it is not too long before several folks in a new church ministry are giving to missions, allowing the church to take on missionaries for monthly support.

Our giving to help independent Baptist churches get started, is multiplied by this means. Those same five churches we have been supporting are now supporting some eighteen missionaries! Your Christmas offering for church planting, and also your faithful weekly giving to Missions is a gift that never stops multiplying.

One of our church planters put it this way, “I would like to thank Calvary Baptist of Temecula for being such an encouragement to me and my family this year. Your faithfulness is used of God to allow us to continue.”