Our hosting of the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship Meeting was in every way a success, due in large part to the selfless service of so many of you, the members of Calvary Baptist Church! I’m am so grateful to all the many people who pitched in, working on the numerous areas of need for weeks prior to the meetings, and then serving, seemingly indefatigably, day and night from the first hour of the Southern California Youth Preaching Rally, to the last hour wrapping up the GIBF meetings Wednesday night.

I can’t count how many different pastors and guests spoke to me about their high regard for you, the church family. Pastors’ families and church staff who were here from across America, as well as from Korea, the Philippines, Fiji and Canada, went home refreshed and recharged for the work ahead of them. To a man, everyone was effusive in their compliments on the great meals, breakfast lunch and dinner, provided by our own David Beshay and the Corner Bakery! (They are all now praying that a Corner Bakery opens in their towns!)

My pastor friends were all remarking to me on the quality and spirit of the music, the musicians, the specials the groups the choirs and also the congregational singing. It really helped set the spirit for the preaching as well. I trust that you got as much out of the wonderful preaching during all the meetings as I did.

Thank you thank you church family! We love you all!