With Easter Sunday just two weeks away, I want to encourage you to take this good opportunity to remind your family, friends and neighbors, and invite them to come with you April 16. Our services are again at the regular times, since we really ought to recognize that or Saviour’s Resurrection celebration Sunday is EVERY Sunday!

No, we won’t have mood lighting, back lights, fog machines, special effects, and “chinka-chinka” bands, but we will have a service that will work at honoring God. We want to have services that view people as those who need to come to Christ, and those who need to follow Christ, rather than viewing people as consumers to whom we need to market a product.

The gathering of Christians at a church service ought not to be a production, but a response which is related to obedience to God’s Word. We won’t be putting on a show, but there will be many involved in ministering; in music, in caring for nursery children, in teaching kids, youth and adults, in playing skillfully on instruments of music, in singing and in preaching of the Word.

We won’t be trying to appeal to one generation while alienating another. We continue to stand on the same timeless truths that have been the universal need of all ages and all generations.

Yes, we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ today, but you also know of many people who look at their calendars and see Easter Sunday, and think about attending an Easter service that day. They will probably be glad you invited them. There are many who stay home just because no one thought to suggest that they come. Let’s be an encouragement to those people.