Happy Mother’s Day!

Wait… does “Happy Mother’s Day” mean that only happy moms are allowed in church today? I say yes. If they’re cranky… kick them out. This is happy-mother’s day!

Maybe you’ll never look at “Happy Mother’s Day” the same way again. However you choose to read that title, we hope church makes you happy today. On Wednesdays we are working through a series on worship. Sunday mornings are special times to meet together specifically to worship God. HE is the audience, and our church’s main duty is to worship Him (acknowledge His “worth-ship”).

So, although we have a special place in our hearts today for all you moms, we cannot neglect our main audience–God. God is still the focus of today’s singing, today’s giving, today’s prayers, and today’s preaching.

The wonderful byproduct of that right focus, though, is joy: Psalm 122, “I was GLAD when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” Moms, you CAN have a happy day today. You are in the right place.

Just be sure your family takes you out to a nice lunch after church!