In some respects, it seems like Sunday, May 3, 1987, was a lifetime ago. Yet again, I find it hard to grasp, that 30 years have passed so quickly! In that span, God has so often and so greatly used the Calvary Baptist Church family in so many ways, to bless our own family. The dear people and friends of this church have given of themselves as fellow helpers with us in the gospel.

We live in an era where Americans are less and less inclined to see the need of being a vital part of a Biblical local church, yet so many of you have determined that you are more concerned about following Christ than culture. Over 4000 churches close their doors each year in America, and only about 1000 new churches of any kind are planted.

More and more, the current generations opt out of commitment, substituting instead an online video snippet from a religious producer, that they can catch on their smartphones on occasion. I thank the Lord for each of you who have bucked that trend and decided that you are important as part of a local assembly of believers, serving our Saviour together.

Thank you for being the blessing and help that you have been all these years to all my family. Let’s get started on year 31, and be faithful till Jesus comes!