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HBBC College Days Preaching Available

Although we did not attend College Days this year at Heartland Baptist Bible College, the sermon files have been made available online and we wanted to post them here. Bro. Jason Gaddis and Bro. Sam Davison preached phenomenal Bible messages […]

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Preaching Rally Report

The 2013 Preaching Rally was last Saturday. We hosted about 350 people (including about 80 of our church members) and focused the entire day on our theme: Timeless. The sermons and pictures have already been posted at Also, read […]

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Summer Camp – Registration Sunday March 10

February Summer?! Yep, you read it right. We are already talking about Summer camp. This Sunday will be our one-month mark that begins the countdown for Registration Sunday. Summer camp is a chance to get away from the world and […]

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10 Things You Should Know about Your Child’s Heart – Repost

The following article was written by Pastor Tim Cruse and was posted at It is an article that is appropriate for parents of all stages of life, and it captures the essence of being lovingly firm in your parenting. […]

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2013 Preaching Rally Theme Unveiled!

Last Sunday we unveiled the theme for the 2013 Preaching Rally: TIMELESS. Now what in the world does TIMELESS mean?   From Romans 16:17–20 we learned of Paul’s passion for doctrine and his encouraging the believers to “mark” anyone with […]

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"Be Our Guest" Wednesday

We recently sent out a large postcard announcing the unveiling of our new outreach program coming up on “Be Our Guest” Wednesday, November 9 at 7pm. Parents are welcome to sit in on the services as we go through the […]

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United–Fighting for the Next Generation (

The following article was written by Brother Cary Schmidt, Student Ministries Director at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA. It was recently posted on and we have reposted it here for you today. The contemporary church is seeing a […]

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TOF Outreach vs. Apple: which is more important?

Are you a boss, or have you had a boss, or have you seen a boss that is absolutely by-the-book? Every little detail must be perfect. By now you’ve heard that Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple, passed […]

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Parent Meeting Review – 9/18/11

INFO Each Parent Meeting I try to include 3 major points: Information, Vision, and Encouragement. The past meeting was the last we’ll have this year, and we wanted to communicate as clearly and as early as possible, particularly on a […]

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Sanctified People Grow.

Growth Growth. We desire it for everyone. It’s strange when people don’t grow. There’s something wrong when someone doesn’t grow from infancy to adulthood. The spiritual life is ALL about growth, otherwise we’d be scooped up to heaven as soon […]

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