Law enforcement personnel in California are well aware of the negative impacts of marijuana usage, from it’s directly debilitating effects, to the fact that it is the gateway to even more powerfully mind-altering and addictive drugs.  I attended a day-long symposium last year, which was sponsored by the Orange County Sherriff’s Dept. on the coming impacts of the legalization of marijuana.  Among the speakers were doctors, law enforcement leaders, and judges. Without exception, none had anything good to say about legalizing yet another damaging drug to market to the public.

Unfortunately, the power of greed drives this latest lunacy, just as it has the promotion of the alcohol traffic. The powers that be in the dope industry know that they will have a large market pool of those with weak constitutions, who have difficultly facing the realities of life.  The desire for escape from the pain, the heartache, the losses and such things pushes too many to look to alcohol or drugs, gambling, or other destructive behaviors for relief.  But such relief is short-lived, and ultimately, just adds to the troubles.

God has not said that the objective of His love and care for us is that we are spared all troubles, but that we learn He will take us through them, and will even bring us benefits from them.

Ps 37:39 But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD: he is their strength in the time of trouble.