Is your situation, your unhappiness, your bitterness and anger, your problem, your lot in life, someone else’s fault? Is it because of your husband, wife, boss, parent, teacher, co-worker, police, government, church, or society?  If we think that way, we see ourselves as victims.  Are you a victim? There are people who really are victims. They are those who have had a crime perpetrated against them.

Our liberal culture has indoctrinated many more to believe themselves to be victims, whose problems are all someone else’s fault.  This misperception relieves the one believing it, as he thinks he need not take any personal responsibility for his problems.  He sees himself as having some degree of justification for his own wrong behaviors because, after all, it was brought on by what someone else did to him.

God’s Word throughly dismantles the refuge of lies that the mentality of victimhood provides.  It strips away that narrow covering and stands each individual before God to give an account for themselves. Romans 14:12, So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. The gambling Casino is an evil place, but the gambler is not a victim of the Casino. He is a product of his own greed. The drug dealer and the bartender are dealing destruction, but the addict and the drunkard will not be able to point to those to dismiss their own responsibility for their ruin.

We think we deserve to be treated better. We think we deserve more respect, etc. because we think too much of ourselves.  Look into the mirror of yourself that is reflected from God’s Word and you’ll see yourself more accurately. Let’s lose the victimhood mentality, and take up a Biblical view of ourselves and the world we live in.