I mentioned Evan Williams’ comments related to the internet Sunday evening. He is one of the founders of Twitter, and other media outlets. He recently said, “I think the internet is broken…and it’s a lot more obvious to a lot more people that it’s broken. I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place. I was wrong about that.”

Williams went on to observe, “The trouble with the internet is that it rewards extremes.” Even the assessment from one of its “insiders,” that the media is struggling under the weight of its own fake or worthless content, doesn’t seem to slow the downward spiral it is on.

My point in relating some of this story Sunday was to underscore how looking to the “genius” of mankind to bring about a better world is to build a house on sand. There is a place you can go where you’ll find no “fake news” and no “worthless content.” It’s a place where every line of text is accurate, reliable and beneficial. It is, of course, your Bible. “Log-in” to it daily.