In what they called “a spirit of inclusiveness,” University of Michigan Board of Regents issued a directive last fall, requiring all faculty and student body members to address students by whatever personal pronoun the student desired, to reflect their “gender identity.” Students were invited to access the university’s website and enter their choices. They were also encouraged to change their pronoun as often as their “gender feelings” changed. This, despite the fact that a good percentage of students entering our universities don’t even know what a pronoun is.

This kind of identity idiocy is not confined to a few public education institutions, but is widespread. Inability to recognize one’s gender is not a physical issue, it is a disorder in thinking. One wonders how it is possible that so many people have lost the ability to reason, and how so many others are incapable of exercising the most elemental common sense.

Persons in high places in the U.S. Army appear to have been infected with this same disorder and loss of common sense. Evidence of that– this week a directive was issued requiring personnel to prepare for male recruits who think themselves to be women, to be able to use common showers and locker rooms with female recruits.

I asked Brother Gibbs last week how he thought such nonsense could have ever come about in our culture. His answer was that he believes it is more than just the radical militant agenda of those in the LGBT movement. This atmosphere cannot be fostered by that alone, he reasoned.

His assessment, and one which we can see some evidence of, is that God has clouded the vision of the nation with a sense of strong delusion. We see how it occurred in Israel when after a long season of the patience of God and of the preaching and warning of the prophets of God being disregarded, that God allowed this delusion to fall on his chosen nation. God’s judgment followed that, and the nation suffered.

Unless we can pray and serve and exercise greater faithfulness to see revival in our time, it seems the judgment of God on our beloved land can’t be too far away. As always in the history of God’s church and God’s people, a faithful few can make a world of difference!

Romans 1:21-22, Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.