As you know, we have been emphasizing public servants appreciation for the month of October. We enjoyed taking the home-baked breads and cookies that many of you took time to bake and bring for distribution to some of the various community service, fire and police departments, and some area schools for the teachers. The response from these groups was very gratifying as they received their treats for breakrooms and snacks.

Those who went to the fire departments were given a tour of the fire station and a closeup look at some of the fire-fighting equipment and trucks. The mayor and city council got to enjoy fresh-baked, home-made bread with their pre-council meeting meal. The school teacher’s lounges were stocked with trays of fresh cookies, for which they were thrilled. To the two hospitals, we supplied 8 trays of cookies, one for each of the breakrooms. The hospital administrator met with us, as well as many nursing supervisors, and they were so grateful for all the tasty trays of goodies and insisted on taking photos with us for their bulletin boards.

We got to leave them with gospel tracts and invitations to church along with the trays, which would be made available to all those who would be visiting the breakrooms etc. Perhaps we will be blessed to have some of these good folks come and be with us in our services in the days ahead. Several people told me to be sure to tell all those who helped bake the breads and cookies how much they appreciated the kind gesture, and the delicious goodies!