Joni Eareckson Tada is a name well known among Christians. One of our recent Junior Church biography stories was about her testimony. Fifty years ago, she was an attractive young lady who was living the “Christian life” of many. That is, she was a believer, but was wrapped up in what she called, a “me-focused” life. She wrote, “I was a Christian, and would…marry a wonderful man who made $250,000.00 per year, and we’d have 2.5 children.” My life was, “What can God do for me?” Then, in a shattering swimming accident, she broke her neck and was paralyzed from the shoulders down.

In a recent interview, she frankly said “Had I not broken my neck I’d probably be on my second divorce, maxing out my husband’s credit cards, planning my next ski vacation. I wouldn’t be here proclaiming the glories of the gospel and the power of God to help a person smile, not in spite of the problems, but because of them.”

We do well to gain from the experience of others who help us understand that there is a big difference between the “Great American Dream,” and the truly abundant Christian life.