Mike Tingley of Grand Blanc, Michigan accomplished what he set out to do. He got rid of the bees in his garage rafters. His plan was to smoke them out using some smoke bomb type fireworks. All seemed to be going well, till the fireworks got out of hand in the confined space, and set his garage on fire. No more bee problem, but no more garage either.

That incident illustrates something we observe often. That is, approaching a problem with a faulty solution, which often results in making everything much worse! Those we have leading us in government seem to have an uncanny ability to avoid common sense solutions to societal problems in favor of convoluted and expensive programs than end up creating more problems than they solve.

Christians have the advantage of an infallible and unchanging guide to solving life’s complex problems. The guide, the Word of God, our Bible, has provided the answer and the direction for believers for 2000 years. That’s a good track record! You can get rid of the bees without burning down your garage!