Many, perhaps most of our anxieties, worries, fears, etc. essentially all come about as a result of our focus being on self. The very fact that we tend to get somewhat offended at such a statement demonstrates the truth of it.  In blunt terms, we tend to think too much and too often of ourselves, and too seldom and too little of our Saviour and of others.

We can get well along on the way to deliverance from anxieties and worries we have by changing our primary focus. If you find worry and anxiety levels rising, why not make the effort to refocus. First put your eyes and thoughts on the Lord. Read a passage from Proverbs, or the Psalms. Do as some of our young people did last week at camp; go out at night and look up into the heavens and consider the majesty of God as Creator of it all.

Then, rather than fretting over what might happen to you, think of some way to do something for someone else. Think of some good suggestions along this line.

– Pray for some others.

– Call someone and encourage them.

– Think of someone you know needs a hand with something and help them.

See what you can come up with.  Doing that, we soon discover that our own difficulties aren’t occupying all our thoughts anymore!